Setting up whitelists in Windows Firewall


This article will guide you through the steps required to set up whitelists for a specific service in the windows firewall.

Firstly open up the run box by pressing windowskey+R then type control.

Once the control panel has opened in the search box type "firewall"

Then select the Windows Firewall option

It should look something like the below screenshot:

Configure Windows Firewall

Once this is opened click Advanced Settings and enter the administrator password if prompted.

The Windows Firewall with advanced security prompt should then open (refer to the screenshot below)


From here select Inbound Rules, then select the service you would like to add the white list to for example Remote Desktop, right click and select Properties.

After the properties, dialogue box has opened select the Scope tab and enter the remote IP address you would like to be able to connect to this service (Refer to below screenshot)mceclip1.png 


After you have inputted the IP addresses click Apply, then okay.

After you have applied the whitelist to the services you want you can close the Windows Firewall with advanced security prompt and that's it.







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