Upgrading resources on your cloud server


All the steps required for upgrading the resources on a cloud server with Servers Australia Pty Ltd can be done inside your MySAU portal.  

Log into your portal at mysau.com.au


Go to your cloud server's product details.

You can find your product details can be found by clicking on the "eye" icon to the right of your listed Products.  This product listing will be on the first page after logging in to your portal.


Upgrade your cloud server

At the top of your product's details page, you will see a row of tabs.  Click on the tab labeled "Upgrade/Downgrade" then click the submenu item "Product Configuration Options".


On this page you can adjust any of the resources listed to what ever values you would like to for your cloud server to have available.  After you have changed the desired resources, click "Next".

The next page will show you the cost of the upgrade, allow you to apply an optional promotional code, and allow you to adjust your payment method.  Before clicking continue be aware that this may reboot the cloud server.  Click continue after reviewing these details.

After you click continue, you should be taken back to your products details page.  At the top of this page you should see the following, indicating that the upgrade has been completed.  






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