How To: Connect to your Windows server using Remote Desktop (RDP/RDS)


Using Windows:

Windows comes with remote desktop client already installed. To connect to a remote server, follow the below steps.

  1. Hold the windows key and press R, this will open the 'Run' dialog.
  2. Enter 'mstsc.exe' and click 'OK'. (Alternatively, you can search for the 'Remote Desktop Connection' program in the start menu.)
  3. Enter the server IP address and click Connect. If you're using a custom RDP port, enter the server IP address, then a colon (:) then the custom RDP port as per the below screenshot.

Using OSX / Apple:

  1. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0 from the OSX app store.
  2. Once installed, run the application.
  3. Click '+ New' on the menu bar.
  4. Fill out the server details, then click the red close button in the top left corner of the window (note: The 'PC name' field is where you enter the server hostname or IP address. If you're using a custom RDP port, enter it after the server IP address and a colon (:). e.g. If you're using custom RDP port 3321, and your server IP was, then you would enter
  5. The server will now show in the list. Double click it to connect.
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