How To Create a FTP Account in cPanel


As long as your package allows, you can have multiple FTP accounts for a cPanel account so that file management is more easily managed.

You can view your FTP Account limits in the stats section of your cPanel home page

Adding a new FTP account

  1. Log into cPanel by visiting , replacing yourDomainName with your own domain name.

  2. Locate and select the FTP Accounts utility.

    Account creation screen
  3. Enter a user name for the new account in the Login field

  4. Enter a password for this user and repeat password as required

  5. If you wish to change the upload directory for this user, specify this in the directory field.

  6. Set quota for new account.

  7. Select Create FTP Account

The new user can now connect with the credentials you have set. Please refer to this article for guidance on how to upload files via FTP:

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