How to add an SSL certificate for a site - using WHM


It's a very simple process to install an SSL certificate for a Web site via WHM - following the steps below you can have a cert installed in a matter of moments.

This article is assuming you have already generated the CSR and SSL certificate. If you haven't you can follow these articles:


* Log into WHM on your server

* In the search bar just below the WHM logo enter: SSL

* Select "Install an SSL certificate on a domain"

* Open the server certificate file in notepad++  - select all text and copy it (ctrl+c  or right click in notepad++ and select copy)

* Click into the Certificate field and paste the contents of the server certificate into the textbox

* Copy and paste the private key that was generated with the CSR into the "Private Key:" field.

* Open the Intermediate certificate file in notepad++ - copy the contents and paste into the "Certificate Authority Bundle" field.

* Click "Install"

* Click "Ok"


The certificate is now installed on the domain - if required you can follow the article on redirecting to https to always redirect visitors to



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