Reset your website application (CMS) password via phpMyAdmin


The content management system (CMS) is a tool used to manage presentation and database layers of a website, as well as include other functions through a variety of plug ins. If your website has been compromised, or after a regular time period, you should change the password for your CMS.

Maintaining a strong password is very important for keeping your site secure. Changing the password is a different process for each CMS, but using phpMyAdmin is a universal way of changing it.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your cPanel account

  2. Find the phpMyAdmin link in cPanel

  3. Locate the main database from the left hand side navigation menu. In this case the CMS is WordPress and the database name is "mbandyse_wp667"

  4. Select the 'wp_users' table

  5. Select 'edit' at the start of the row

  6. Enter your new password into the value field of the user_pass row

  7. Select MD5 as the function for that row. This will encrypt the stored password

  8. Select "Go" at the bottom of the form to save your changes.
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