Server Filter ( SpamExperts ) and RBL ( blocklist ) Providers.


Servers Australia has partnered with SpamExperts, which means you’ll experience a higher level of spam filtering and security when you use us and our network!

At times, you may notice the filter is listed with the BACKSCATTERER Real-time Blackhole List. Like so:

The filter is managed proactively and we make our best efforts to keep it from being listed. Most providers acknowledge this and this is proven by the filter not being listed with them.

Unfortunately, BACKSCATTERER is a list which is not recommended to be used as a primary blocklist, but some mail providers may have their servers incorrectly configured to utilise it.

A Normal Mailserver would allow mail based on the other positive merits of the email itself.

If you come across an incorrectly configured mail server, it is recommended to use an alternate method to contact the recipient.

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