How to add a virtual alias for email on a cpanel server


Does your IP address keep getting blocked or redirected to "Junk" by Hotmail? 
You go through the unblocking process and you decide to take up their offer of joining the Smart Network Data Services program (SNDS).

During the sign up process they will offer to send an email to abuse or postmaster@ the hostname of the server having the issues. 
The downside to this - most cPanel don't have the hostname setup as a cPanel account - so how do you create the email address they are offering? A simple way is to make use of the valiases feature.

The aliases are located in /etc/valiases - to create one is a very simple process:

* Log in via SSH

* cd /etc/valiases

* Find hostname of server, type in: hostname  

* Create a file with the value returned from hostname: eg
if the hostname is
type: vi

* Press i to insert the email address you would like to create and the email address you would like to forward to in the following format: 

Email address you want to create: email address you want to forward to

* Press Esc 

* Enter this key combination  :wq  (include the colon : in this sequence)


The email address you entered in the alias file is now active - if you send a test email to the new address it will be forwarded to the address entered in the file.

You will now be able to complete the sign up process with Microsoft.


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