How do I Change DNS Records?


How do I Change DNS Records?

In this article, I will show you how you can change the DNS entry in zone file. Here we are going to discuss only DNS records which are set in zone file.

DNS records are the actual data which maps an domain name or sub domain name to an IP address. If you are using Servers Australia name servers for your domain then you can control DNS entries through the Servers Australia cPanel. Servers Australia offers simple and easy way to change DNS records.

Why Do You Need to Change DNS Entries?

There are many cases where you want to change DNS records. For example say, you want to host your sub domain to another host other than Servers Australia or want to host it at Servers Australia but with static IP address then you will need to change the A record for that subdomain.

In case, if you want to host your emails to Gmail then also you will need to change CNAME and A records in DNS zone file. There are many other cases also where you want to change the DNS entries. Just understand that whenever you need to change the DNS records, you can do so from the cPanel.


DNS Records Practical Implementation

Here for the demo purpose, we will create two DNS entries. One is for the sub domain which will point to and one is for cname which will point to Let’s start now.

1) First login to the Servers Australia cPanel.

2) Scroll down. Under the Domains section, click on Simple DNS Zone Editor button.  

3) Select the domain for which you want to change the DNS records.

4) We will first set A record. Write down the sub domain name in Name field and IP address in Address field.

5) Then click on Add a Record button. You will see a success message like following.

6) To create a CNAME record, enter the CNAME sub domain name to Name field and enter destination sub domain or domain name to CNAME field.

7) Then click on Add CNAME Record button. You will see a success message like the following.

Once you have added all the records then make sure that all the records are showing under the User-Defined Records.


That's it. Now you know how to add or change DNS records in zone file.

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