Reset Wordpress password via phpMyAdmin


Have you forgotten your Wordpress Admin password - and you cannot login via the /wp-admin page?

This article will help you change your password via the phpMyAdmin screen of your cPanel account.


1) Log into the cPanel where the Wordpress install is located.


2) Scroll down to the phpMyAdmin icon and click on it.


3) Click the + sign next to the database that contains your data.


4) Highlight the wp_users table.


5) Click the "Edit" link for the username you would like to modify.


6) Locate the user_pass field: in the function column - select MD5 from the drop down menu.


7) Type in the new password in the value field - it will automatically be encrypted after the next step.


8) Click the "Go" button located at the bottom of the screen.


You can now close the myPhpAdmin screen. The password will now be reset - try logging in with your new password.


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