Windows 10 unable to send mail


Since the release of Windows 10 there have been many reports of people unable to send mail after the update/upgrade. Mostly customers using Microsoft® Outlook® are the one affected by this issue.

Regardless of what outbound port changes are made Outlook® will throw back an error about not being able to connect to the network or mail server.

Thankfully there is a relatively simple fix for this:

1) Close Outlook® and any open applications

2) Press the key combination: Windows key x (hold down the Windows key and press the letter X - then release both)

3) Select the option: Command Prompt (Admin)

4) Type in: sfc /scannow

5) Hit enter

6) Let the scan complete

7) Re-run the scan until there are no errors reported (some people are reporting they had to run the scan twice)

8) Type: exit 

9) Hit enter


Restart the machine - open Outlook® - the issue should now be resolved.

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