Delete DNS records from WHM and cPanel


You have just entered a new "A" record for your domain - the change has gone through and you realise you made a mistake and you need to delete the record. In both WHM and cPanel this task is very simple.


1) Log into your WHM account

2) In the search box type in: DNS

3) Select "Edit DNS Zone"

4) Find the entry you want to delete

 For example - the test record needs to be deleted.


5) From the record selector drop down box - change the record type from "A" to "Select"


6) This will now remove the record type from the screen:


7) Click "Save" and the DNS change will be complete. If you are part of our DNS cluster - you will need to give the DNS servers time to propagate the changes globally.



1) Log into your cPanel account and scroll down and click on the "Simple DNS Editor" icon.

2) Find the record you would like to change: again for this article we want to remove test.

3 ) Click on the "Delete" link - this will automatically remove the record.






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