How to block an IP in cPanel


How to block an IP address

Start by Logging into your cPanel, then click IP Deny Manager.
Under "Add an IP to deny", enter IP address or domain name you wish to block.

Click the Add button.

How to unblock the IP address

Login to cPanel and click IP Deny Manager.
At the bottom, under "Current IP addresses being blocked", click Remove.

Deny ALL IP addresses

You can also set an option for deny from all, which will deny everyone.
This must be done by coding your .htaccess file as follows:

deny from all
allow from
allow from #my house


Note: It is possible to block access to yourself accidentally by using this method.

Be sure to allow access via your IP otherwise you will be blocked as well! You can find out your current IP address by simply typing "what's my ip" into Google.

If you get blocked from the server, you can always contact Servers Australia and we'll happily remove the block.

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