Virtual Servers - Viewing Logins, Status and Rebooting via Portal


If you require to reboot your VDS, perhaps for an Upgrade to take effect, or if your server has locked up, you are able to login to our Portal, and perform this from the Virtual Server Control Panel.

You would navigate to the Virtual Servers Section using the Below Sidebar Options

Products & Services => Virtual Servers

This page will show you the overview of your Virtual Server, including the Billing Cycle. To the right of the Virtual Server, you will see an Icon (). By clicking on the Icon you will bring up additional information about your server.

On this page, you will see some information about your server, including Server Status, IP addresses, Memory, Hard Disk Space, Bandwidth Usage, and what type of platform it is on.

You will also find the options to Reboot, Shutdown, or even Rebuild your Virtual Server if you would like to reinstall it to a fresh state.

Underneath, you will also find your root password for the server, which is by default obfuscated until you click on the Icon ()

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