Rearrange an Account - cPanel WHM


In some cases, your server may have an additional home which is utilised due to disk limitations on the primary drive, or for example to have a mix of SSD's, and Mechanical Drives.

In order to Rearrange an account, you will need to login as the root user, or a reseller with "Rearrange an Account" permissions.

You can find this function underneath "Account Functions" in WHM.

On the next page you will choose which account you'd like to manage.

After you've chosen the account, you can then get to another page, which gives you the choice of which device you'd like it to be mounted on.

NOTE: If he account is very large, it may take your site offline for quite some time.

Also be aware, that if you have anything in your scripts statically set to reflect the original /home, errors may occur.



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