How to add local resources to a remote RDP connection


A question was asked of me recently while answering a support call that I thought would make a simple KB article for those who are new to Remote Desktop/Terminal Services.

The Microsoft RDP client is a small, versatile, tool used to connect a remote client to a Windows machine. The machine could be a stand-alone Windows machine or a fully configured and licensed Terminal Server that accepts multiple users at once - all working under their various usernames and profiles on the server.

In either configuration there are times when you need to share information between the local machine you are working on and the remotely connected server. The only thing you need to do is configure your RDP client correctly and your files will always be available to you on the remote system.


  1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection application.


   2. Click “Options” button in the RDP app

  3. Click “Local Resources” tab.

  4. If there isn’t one already - place a tick on both “Printers” and “Clipboard”

  5. Click the “More” button.

  6. Select all the required local resources you would like to share with the remote system

  7. Click “OK”

  8. Browse back to the the General tab - connect to the remote system.

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