Spam Filter - Transferring domain from another Reseller


If you're transferring a domain from another customer on our Spam Filtering solution, you will need to prove you are the new domain manager or have written approval from the current reseller.

In order to streamline this process, the following can be done, which will allow you to transfer the domain under your control correctly.

The process requires DNS record changes, after a request ticket has been submitted.

The steps are below:

  • Submit a ticket to our helpdesk, with the domains you would like transferred to your account, and your gaining account username.
  • Once you have a ticket ID assigned (eg. 9123123), you can add a "TXT" entry to the DNS Zonefile, in order to verify your control over the domain. An example is below in BIND format - You would of course replace the part with "9123123" with the ticket ID you received from our helpdesk:

domain.ext       300       IN       TXT       "se-verify=9123123"

  • Once you've done the required DNS record, please reply back to the ticket, and confirm that the Authentication entries have been added to DNS. Keep in mind, as this is a DNS change, it can take upwards of 24 hours to verify in some cases!


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