How To: Open Ports in Windows Advanced Firewall


Windows firewall by default will block incoming and outgoing traffic on most ports.

To open specific ports in the firewall, you can complete the following steps:

1. Open the firewall interface (Press the Windows key, then type 'Firewall' to find it quickly).

2. Click the 2nd option on the left: 'inbound rules'.

3. Click 'New rule...'

4. Check 'Port', then click 'Next >'

5. Choose either TCP or UDP, then enter the port range (Example below will allow all ports between 6000 and 8000), click 'Next >'

6. Check 'allow the connection', then click 'Next >'.

7. Tick the zones you would like this rule to apply to. If you want your ports to be accessible from the public internet, make sure you check 'Public' at the minimum. Click 'Next >' again.

8. Name the rule and press Finish.

9. Repeat steps 3 - 8 for 'Outbound rules'.


That's it!

Ports 6000 - 8000 are now open, both incoming and outgoing, in your windows firewall.


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