Disable Filezilla Server Interface on Startup


Windows doesn't come with a good FTP program built in. Fortunately you can download and install Filezilla FTP server on Windows, which is a free, highly configurable FTP server.

One of the small annoyances of it though is that it will pop up in your face every time you start a new session on the server by RDP.

There is an easy fix for this though!

The easy way
Simply go to ' Settings ' -> ' Miscellaneous ' and Check the box ' Start Minimized '.Screen_Shot_2017-08-01_at_3.10.32_pm.png

The harder way
If the easy way just doesn't cut it for you, you can do it the harder way - through registry keys (You'll need to have administrator rights to do it this way).

To do this, click ' Start ' and type ' regedit '. In regedit, navigate the tree:

On a x86 System:

On a x64 System:

You should find a ' FileZilla Server Interface ' entry. Delete the key and that's it! This will stop the interface from popping up for ALL RDP sessions and accounts.

For example:

NOTE: Disabling the interface does NOT stop the FTP server from running. The Filezilla service will still load and run the FTP server regardless if the interface has loaded or not.

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