Mounting IPMI Virtual Media


To mount virtual media, connect to the IPMI web interface of the system with the provided IPMI details.


  • Navigate to Remote Control > Console Redirection, then click on Launch Console. Depending on your browser and BMC hardware, this will either launch the console immediately, or it will download a file called “launch.jnlp”. Open the launch.jnlp file after it downloads to your system.


  • Once the console redirection window is open, select the Virtual Media menu option in the upper left of the window, then select Virtual Storage.

  • Click on the CDROM/ISO tab, then select ISO File from the Logical Drive Type from the drop-down list. 

  • Click on the Open Image button to the right to browse local folders on your client system for the .iso file. Select an .iso and click on Open.


  • After selecting the .iso file, click on the Plug In button below to ensure that the file is now mounted as a virtual CDROM device. Click on OK to close the Virtual Storage window.


  • Use the remote console to reboot the system. This can be done with the Power Control menu item to send a physical chassis power reset, or by a soft reboot from the operating system.


  • Hit <F11> during POST to open a one-time boot menu. Navigate with the arrow keys and highlight IPMI Virtual CDROM from the list, then hit <Enter> to accept and boot from the virtual media.


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