How To: Enable Recovery Mode for an R1soft Bare-Metal Restore


When performing a bare-metal restore, you first need to boot the server using the R1soft live-cd, then put the server into restore mode.

Once in recovery mode, you can initiate the bare-metal restore process via the R1soft backup manager.

1. Go to and get the latest R1soft bare-metal boot ISO.
2. Boot into the R1soft live-cd using IPMI or iDRAC
3. Configure the r1soft image:

# sudo su root
# passwd root

Then type the root password you would like to use, then press ENTER

Next, use the 'ceni' command to configure the network:

# ceni

Then set the server IP, Netmask, Gateway. Leave all other fields blank.

Once configured, test the network connection by issuing a ping:

# ping

If the ping is successful, then edit /etc/resolv.conf to add the DNS resolvers:

# vi /etc/resolv.conf

Add the following two lines, then save the file:


Then give yourself SSH access (this will allow you to edit any needed files once the bare-metal restore has completed):

# vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Edit the following two lines, and save the file:


Then restart SSH:

# service ssh restart

Now login via SSH - and run below command to update the image, and enable recovery mode:

# wget && apt-key add r1soft.asc && apt-get update -y && apt-get install r1soft-cdp-enterprise-agent -y && touch /usr/sbin/r1soft/.recovery-mode

it's now in recovery mode. You can now initiate the bare-metal restore via the R1soft backup manager & troubleshoot via SSH as needed.

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