Updating a Reverse DNS Record / PTR


Many e-mail servers are configured to reject incoming e-mails from any IP address which does not have reverse DNS. The MySAU portal allows you to update a reverse DNS record for any IP addresses allocated to your Dedicated, Cloud, Colocation, or Virtual server.


  •  To make an update simply log in to the portal select Services.

  • Select the server that the IP address is allocated to.

  • Select Reverse DNS from the side menu.


  • From there you can update the record by clicking on Edit to open the edit box. 

  • Click Update PTR to provide the new record.

Alternatively, you can reset the record back to default (sau-order-id.servercontrol.com.au.). It is also generally wise to ensure you have an A record pointing back to your IP address which matches your Reverse DNS Entry.

NOTE: Ensure you have a full stop at the end of your new record so that it is valid.

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