How to claim a rapidSSL certificate


Servers Australia offer a variety of different SSL certificates. Each serve different purposes and are available on the Servers Australia website

If you have any questions on which certificate is right for your purposes, please contact our sales department.

This is a guide on the process to generate a rapidSSL certificate.

Step 1. Purchase the SSL certificate 

You can only start the process once you have purchased the certificate. The confirmation email with the redeemable link will be emailed to the accounts primary email address.
There will be two links sent in the email. One for the CSR generator and another for the SSL certificate process. They will look like these:

CSR Generator:

SSL Certificate:*randomgibberishnumbers*

Step 2. Create the Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

The CSR is an integral part of the process. It is where the encryption of the certificate is created.
Please refer to this guide on how to create one:
How Do I Generate A CSR For An SSL

Once created, you can continue the rest of the steps

Step 3. Create the SSL certificate

With the fresh CSR, we can complete the SSL process. Just click the SSL creation link in the email and it will take you to your customer account:
Once logged in, you'll have these fields to fill in:

Server Information
Select the type of Webserver you are running: Choose Apache+ModSSL if Linux or IIS if Windows

Select the Signature Algorithm:
Unless you have a specific reason not to, choose SHA2

Technical Contact Information:
Put down the technical contact for the SSL. This is only seen by the SSL vendor

Administrative Contact Information:
This will automatically be the account holder. You can change it if needed

Domain Verification Options:
You can choose file-based or email-based authentication:

For file based:
You will be given a small .htm file with gibberish text to upload to your website. The SSL vendor will check to see if that file is able to be accessed and therefore proving you own the domain.

For email based:
It allows you to pick out of pre-defined email addresses at your domain to receive the confirmation email. The email will contain a link to confirm the SSL. The predefined addresses are:

Now you need to upload the .htm file or click the link in the authentication email to complete the process. The SSL certificate will be emailed to you automatically.

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