Adding an SPF record for use with Google Apps


You have just created a Google Apps account and you have made all the changes to your MX records in DNS - everything is looking good - you give it 8 or so hours and you can see mail is flowing into your mailbox, however when you send mail you get bounce backs with strange SPF failure messages. 

The above scenario, thankfully, has a simple fix: add or modify your SPF record. The example below is one that was fixed recently:

"v=spf1 +ip4: +a +mx  -all" 


To translate this:

v=spf1: SPF version 1

+ip4: Allow this IP version 4 address to send mail for this domain

+a: Allow any A record associated with the domain to send mail on behalf of the domain

+mx: Allow any MX records associated with the domain to send mail.

-all: Fail all other IPs trying to send mail for the domain.


We need to modify this line to read:

"v=spf1 +ip4: +a +mx ~all"


Allows google mail servers to send for your domain.

~all: Soft fail - allow the mail through - but issue a warning.


Once this DNS change has propagated - your email will work without an issue.



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