Checking Inbound email Logs in SpamFilter


If you're utilising Servers Australia's "SpamExperts" inbound SpamFilter, you will occasionally be interested in checking rejected emails in your Filter.

When you login to cPanel, you will be able to locate the below Icon, to automatically login and manage your domain.

On the next page, it'll show you the list of available domains, and a "Login" function on the right. Clicking Login next to the domain you wish to manage, will automatically log you into the Filter server for that domain.

Next, you would look for the "Log Search" Icon, underneath Incoming.

By default, the page is already pre-filled, to a certain timeframe (Usually from Midnight the day before), and can be used to see the last 24 - 48 hours of data.

You can also filter based on whether the email was "Accepted", or "Rejected", before submitting, and looking through the delivery history.

On the next page after submitting the form, you will be able to see Emails based on their sender, Recipient, Subject, and whether it was rejected or accepted.

If an item was also marked as "Quarantined", you can then view the Quarantine by navigating to the Quarantine Page on the left Menu.

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