How do I reboot my dedicated server?


You have a dedicated server and you feel it's running slower than you woould normally expect. Like the old IT adage - have you tried turning it off and on again? You want to see if a reboot will fix the issue - but not sure how to reboot the server?

Here are a few ways to achieve this goal:

Using your control panel software - eg WHM/cPanel:

1) Log into your WHM account:

2) In the search box located under the WHM logo type in: reboot

3) Select "Gracefull restart" from the menu.

4) Click Proceed.



If using Plesk - the reboot options can be found under the "Tools and Settings" menu.

1) Select Tools and Settings

2) Locate "Server management" section

3) Select "Restart Server"

4) Follow on screen prompts.



If logging in via SSH:

1) Log into your Linux based server as root using your app of choice (eg puTTY)

2) Type the command and hit enter: reboot

3) Your server will initiate the shutdown/reboot process

4) Allow enough time for the boot to complete and log back in to verify the server is back up and running.



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