How do I Generate a CSR for an SSL


The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is an integral part of creating an SSL certificate. It is where the encryption of the certificate is created.

You can generate a CSR via this link:

To generate the CSR, you will have these fields:

Here is an example of what would be entered if a user wanted to generate a CSR for "".

2 Letter Country Code = AU
State / Province = NSW
City = Sydney
Organisation = Anthony's Cake Decorating
Organisational Unit = IT Support
Domain Name =
Email Address =
Bit Strength = 2048
While a higher bit strength offers slightly better security, it takes more processing power and will slow down your website.

Once you have completed the process, it will give you 2 text fields with what looks like jumbled text. They are, the CSR and Private key.

The CSR is needed to generate the SSL and so will need to be entered in the SSL process.

The Private key should NEVER be made publicly available or kept anywhere insecure. It is used to install the SSL on the server and is what unlocks the encryption. If another system or user captures the private key, they can unencrypted your website traffic!

Once you have saved both the CSR and Private key in a safe place, you can continue the rest of the process for generating an SSL certificate.

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