Re-install OS on VDS


You’ve been having issues with your virtual server - every step you’ve taken just seems to have made the problem worse - OS updates and upgrades have caused errors across all your sites - where do you go from here? Do you invest more into trying to save the sinking ship? Or do you cut your losses and start again with a new install of the OS?


With a VDS/PVS thankfully the solution to reinstalling the OS is made remarkably easy with our customer portal. If you find yourself in the need to reinstall the OS all you have to do is log into the customer portal,


  1. Login to portal with your user details
  2. Click Products and Services
  3. Click Virtual Servers
  4. Click the Product link



    5. Click the “Rebuild” button - located at the bottom of the details section.

    6. Answer Yes to confirm the rebuild.

All data will be lost - but the server will be taken back to the base OS from where you can start again and configure the server as required.

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