Increase Mailbox Size:


Your email has been working for years without issue until one morning you start your favourite mail app to send out the first joke of the day when suddenly there are error messages popping up about your mailbox being full. What do you do?


The simple answer, keep on top of the mailbox and delete emails that are no longer required. Unfortunately that won’t help with this issue. For this you will need to log into your cPanel account and increase the quota for your mailbox – once that is done – then you can start “filing” those older emails.


1) Log into your cPanel account

2) Click “Email Accounts”



3) Click “Change Quota” link next to the email address you need to upgrade.


4) Enter the new size for the mailbox – it can be set to anything higher or unlimited to never have to worry about the size error again.


Now that’s all fixed – it’s a case of doing some filing to keep the emails under control.

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