Cloudlinux – making global PHP changes for the native PHP version.


Running Cloudlinux and you find the default memory limit for PHP isn’t quite enough for your purposes?

There are a few ways you could deal with this problem - you could go through each account that is having issues and add a custom php.ini file to the /public_html directory (and the wp-admin directory if running Word Press), or you could make a change to one location and make it a global default for the server.


To make a global change you need to edit the php.ini file located in: /usr/local/lib


Common items to change:


max_execution_time = 300

memory_limit = 128M

upload_max_filesize = 128M

post_max_size = 128M


Once the changes have been written to the file issue the following the command:

Cagefsctl --force-update


The changes will now be global.

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