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Installation of Server Backup Client - Linux

On Linux based systems, it is recommended to always ensure you fully upgrade your Kernel prior to installation.
Your Linux server will also need the kernel headers for the currently running kernel to be present, for building the backup agent's hotcopy Linux kernel module.

Installation of backup agent on RHEL Based Systems (RHEL, CentOS and CloudLinux)
# yum install kernel-devel-$(uname -r)
# nano /etc/yum.repos.d/r1soft.repo

Add these details into the new repository file: 

name=R1Soft Repository Server
Then install the backup agent from the new R1Soft repository:
# yum install serverbackup-enterprise-agent
Installation of backup agent on Debian Based Systems (Debian and Ubuntu)
# sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Add the new apt repository with these commands (sudo should not be needed if logged in as root) 

# sudo echo deb http://repo.r1soft.com/apt stable main >> /etc/apt/sources.list
# sudo wget http://repo.r1soft.com/r1soft.asc 
# sudo apt-key add r1soft.asc
# sudo apt-get update
Then install the backup agent from the new R1Soft repository:
# sudo apt-get install serverbackup-enterprise-agent
Backup agent configuration on Linux servers

On Linux servers, once completed, to add the ServerBackup Server, you will need to run the following command, and open the port 1167 inbound to the server.
In the below example, replace backup-server.servercontrol.com.au with the hostname of your backup server.
# serverbackup-setup --get-key=http://backup-server.servercontrol.com.au
If you see an error stating "No binary module was found for your kernel, ensure the running kernel has the matching kernel headers package installed.
It may also be necessary to restart the backup agent if this hasn't been done already after the kernel module has been built and installed:
# service cdp-agent restart

Installation of Server Backup Agent - Windows

Installation on Microsoft Windows based Systems

Latest 64 bit Agent

Latest 32 bit Agent
(usually only needed on old legacy systems, most servers will be running 64 bit Windows OS)

Backup Agent configuration
On Windows servers, you need to add the backup manager server in the "Authorised Servers" tab to be able to be accessed by our Backup Server and open the port 1167 inbound to the server.
R1soft's Documentation can be found at the below article.
Add the key to Windows Backup Agent

As per the Linux installation details, you will need to know your backup manager details and use the address for your backup manager for the key installation.
If you are not sure which backup manager to add, please contact our support team.
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