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Installation of Server Backup Client - Linux

On Linux Based systems, it is recommend to always ensure you fully upgrade your Kernel prior to installation, and install kernel-devel, or kernel-dev depending on your Operating System

Installation on RHEL Based Systems
Installation on Debian Based Systems

On linux servers, once completed, to add the ServerBackup Server, you will need to run the following command, and open the port 1167 inbound to the server. In the below example, replace backup-server.servercontrol.com.au with the hostname of your backup server.
# serverbackup-setup --get-key=http://backup-server.servercontrol.com.au
If you see an error stating "No binary module was found for your kernel. The kernel headers will be required to build a module" on RHEL, you can use the following to fix this issue.
# serverbackup-setup --get-module --no-binary && service cdp-agent restart

Installation of Server Backup Client - Windows

Installation on Windows Based Systems
Latest 32bit Agent - Latest 64bit Agent - Alternative 64bit Agent 

NOTE: On windows, you need to add the following server in the "Authorised Servers" tab to be able to be accessed by our Backup Server, and open the port 1167 inbound to the server. R1soft's Documentation can be found at the below article.
Add the key to Windows Backup Agent


Additional Items

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