Unblocking an IP in WHM


Our managed servers are provisioned with ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF). Included in this package is an application called Login Failure Daemon (LFD) - it's this package that will unceremoniously dump you from the server and issue the warning (via a web interface only) that your IP has been blocked by the firewall - please contact your administrator.


General indications of being blocked by the firewall are:

* The above mentioned warning when browsing to the server

* Emails not being delivered

* Error messages when trying to send and receive emails. 


Using a system not connected to the 'Net via the blocked IP:

1) Browse to: yourdomain.com.au/whm and login with either the root or reseller username.



2) In the search field enter: fire The menu will update and show you the options that contain the search phrase. Select/click on "ConfigServer Security&Firewall".


3) Scroll down the CSF screen until you find the button labelled "Search for IP". Enter the blocked IP address and hit enter.


4) If the IP address is blocked at the firewall - the next screen will show the reason it was blocked and a padlock - Select/Click on the padlock to unblock the IP address.


As soon as the IP is removed from the firewall you will have access to the server again. If the IP you are dealing with is a static address - you can add it to the server whitelist - the following help article will show you how:


Whitelist an IP


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