Using phpinfo before migrating a Web site


So you are currently hosting a Content Management System (CMS), for example WordPress, with a hosting company and you want to move your site to another server or company.
One of the most important pieces of information you should check before doing the migration and cutting over the DNS entries to the new service: what version of PHP am I currently running and what is on the new service.
If you have a PHP mismatch you can end up with strange PHP errors when loading your pages on the new service.

How to find out which PHP version you are running:

1) Open notepad (or your favourite text file editor) on your local machine

2) On the first line copy and paste: <?php phpinfo(); ?>

3) Save the file as phpinfo.php

4) Copy or use FTP to place the file on both your current site and the new service: example
copy the file to the root directory of your web site data - so when you browse to the file it will be

5) Browse to the phpinfo.php file on both servers (as above)

6) Compare versions and make sure all components match.



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