Getting started with WHM and cPanel: How Do I Create a cPanel Account?


So you have registered for a reseller account - you have received your login details for the server – the big question is, what now? What needs to be done to get your first customer site up and running?

This guide will help answer those questions, and hopefully help those new to WHM and cPanel navigate their way around the user interface.

Upon logging into the WHM interface with the username and password that was issued to you during the sales process, you are presented with a screen similar to the following:




Now before we start getting into the article we need to cover one small – but significant point. Planning your resources – no server is a limitless pit. As a reseller, generally, you are assigned a set amount of space, to create a set number of accounts.

As an example your reseller account may be given 80Gb of drive space and the ability to create 40 accounts – very simply dividing one by the other you can see each account is going to have 2Gb of drive space.

To manage these resources – WHM gives you the ability to create “packages” that set the limits for your accounts – you can set as many packages as you need. So for example you could setup 3 different package types – small, medium and large. Small gives, say 500Mb drive space – while the large gives, say 3Gb of space.

To get a better idea of just what can be done with packages – we’ll create a basic one first so you can see what can be done with them.


Your first Package:

1) In the search box just under the WHM logo enter: package


The menu under the search box will update and show everything relating to your search term.


2) Click Add package


3) Fill in the details:

Package name: your reseller name_package1

Disk Quota: 2000Mb

Monthly Bandwidth: 1000Mb

Max FTP Accounts: 1

Max Email accounts: 10

Max Email Lists: 5

Max Databases: 5

Max Sub Domains: unlimited

Max Parked domains: 5

Max Addon Domains: 5

Max Hourly Email by Domain Relayed: unlimited

Max percent of failed or deferred messages: unlimited


Click Add

Your new package is now created and can now be used for your first cPanel account.


Create your first cPanel Account:


Creating a new cPanel account for one of your customers is a fairly simple task:


1) In the search bar just under the WHM logo in the top left of the screen – type in: create

You will see the menu under the search box change to show the matching items:

2) Select “Create a New Account”

You will be presented with the following screen:


Fill in all the details on the form. You can use the password generator to create the password for the account if you wish – but you can use any password you like – obviously the stronger the password – the more secure your account will be.


Select the package you created in the steps above.


Enabling DKIM and SPF on the account – is always a good idea to help fight against SPAM.

Every other setting can be left as is – click “Create”

Your account will now be created – once the process is complete – you can access cPanel by entering: list in the WHM search box and selecting list accounts.

Click the orange CP logo next to the domain you have just created and you will be logged into the cPanel account.


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