What is R1Soft and why do I want it?


R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is a near continuous backup solution for Windows and Linux servers.

R1Soft works in two parts, the CDP Agent an the CDP Server.

The first time the R1Soft CDP application is used on a new backup target, it creates a replica of all data and structure on disk to a disk-based backup repository. This is known as the "initial replica".

After this initial replica the agent tracks block-level changes between scheduled synchronizations. The next time the backup is run, only the changes are synchronized to the backup server. This means you can schedule backups as frequently as every 15 minutes for an entire server!

R1Soft has a simple web based interface and even has a plugin that can be put into cPanel accounts so clients can manage their own restores.

This video explains nicely:

With all dedicated and virtual servers, you have the option of 10GB FREE R1Soft backup. This is a great solution for small servers.

As needs change and the server grows, you can always contact our friendly sales team to discuss a solution to suit your use case on 1300 788 862.


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