Connecting to Dedicated Firewall using OpenVPN on Windows


The OpenVPN Client can be configured by following the below steps.

Download the Client

The client can be downloaded from

The recommended Windows Installater candidate is (Updated: 09/06/2017)

(Installer for 32bit Windows is down the bottom of this article!)

Install the Client

Install the Client with default configuration, see images below (instructions when on each page are under the image (smile)).

Click Next

Click "I Agree"

Click Next

Click Install, it may prompt you to install "TAP" which you should just click "Next" or "Install" also.

Click Next, and then Finish on the next page, and you're all done!

After you install the Client, you will need to load the provided files which could be any, or all of the following:





into the directory C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.

Generally we will provide you a file to Unzip in the directory for ease of use.

Run the Client

You will next need to Run the Client, you should be able to find the following within your Start Menu called "OpenVPN Gui"

Click on the Link, and it will give you a little icon in your taskbar. (The Red Computer Screens, with the World Icon).

Right click on this image, and then click Connect, and it will prompt you for credentials. Enter the provided credentials, and you will be able to connect to the private IP of your services!



I can connect to the VPN, but cannot access the Private IP allocation?

Generally, this is because you have not got local Administrator Privileges on your computer. You may need to close the application, and restart it by right-clicking on "OpenVPN GUI", as per above, but choosing the "Run as Administrator" option. 

NOTE: you can also enable this on the "Compatibility" page within Properties for easier usage!

I cannot install the OpenVPN Client - Not compatible with this version of windows

In some cases you may be running a 32bit installation of Windows. In order to compensate for this, you can use the below URL to download the 32bit client (compatible on both 64bit, and 32bit versions of windows).

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