Contact Permissions


There has been some confusion recently over what the various permissions are for, when setting up contacts on your account in the portal.

If you go in to add, or edit a contact, you'll see the following tickboxes:

The first row of tickboxes are general contact preferences regarding emails, and which types of emails your contacts should receive.  As a general rule, these are:

  • General - We won't usually send general emails - these would be important service announcements, or our planned Monthly Account Status Emails
  • Product - This would be emails about changes to your products. I.e. product suspension/unsuspension, product welcome emails, upgrade/downgrade confirmations, etc
  • Domain - This would be emails such as domain renewal reminders, expiry notices, registration and transfer confirmations.
  • Billing - This is Invoices creation and reminders, Overdue notices, suspension notifications, payment confirmations, refund confirmations.
  • Support - this sets whether or not your non-subaccount contact is permitted to open a support ticket.  If a non-subaccount contact emails, and does not have this ticked, you will be CC'd in on the ticket, and then the ticket will be forcibly closed.

You'll notice a 'Sub Account' tickbox.

Ticking this box allows the contact to login to the MySAU Portal, and operate on your account.  Please note - if the contact already has a MySAU account, you will receive an error when trying to save the changes to their account.

If you tick the 'sub-account' tickbox for this contact, a new row of permissions will appear.  You then have quite a swathe of permissions you can assign to them.

  • Modify Master Account Profile - whether the contact is allowed to edit YOUR profile.  A common use of this function is where you only want one person to receive Invoice notifications, so you set your accountant as the primary contact, and then want to create a Contact sub-account for yourself.  You'd want to keep Modify Master Account Profile permission for yourself, so you can change the master account!
  • View & Manage Contacts - This specifies whether the contact is allowed to manage who can be contacts on your account.  As with the previous option, this is commonly used where the technical person on the account is not the master account holder.
  • View Products & Services - Whether this contact can view your products.  This includes viewing product passwords.
  • Manage Products - Whether this contact can modify your products.  i.e. resetting passwords, and start/stop/reinstall VPS's, and powering on/off dedicated servers, etc.
  • View Domains - Whether this contact should be able to view your domains.
  • Manage Domains - whether this contact should be allowed to modify your domains.  I.e. changing nameservers, contacts, etc.
  • Invoices.  Whether this contact should be able to view and pay invoices.
  • View Emails.  Whether this contact should be able to view all emails we have ever sent you, or any other contact on your account.
  • Place New Orders/Upgrades/Cancellations - Whether this contact is permitted to place orders, upgrades, and cancellations in your name.
  • View and Open Support Tickets - Whether this contact is permitted to open Support Tickets, whether via email, or via the portal.  If your sub-account contact does not have this permission when opening a support ticket, you will be CC'd in on the ticket, and then the ticket will be forcibly closed.
  • View and Manage Affiliate Account - Whether this contact is permitted to view, and perform operations on, your affiliate account.  This includes requesting conversion of affiliate credit to invoice payments, or requesting cash out as applicable for your affiliate type.  Note that we are not currently implementing Affiliate operations, however it's worth keeping in mind when you are assinging permissions

We hope this answers your questions.  As always, if you are unsure, please open a ticket to Support

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