Allow a Server Backup Manager within R1soft CDP Client


If you need to add a server backup manager for access within your server, after installing the CDP Agent Software, you will need to allow the Manager's Key on your Agent configuration.

  • Locate the "Backup Agent Configuration" application, and open it

  • Open the "Authorized Server Backup Managers" tab.

  • Click on "Add".

  • On the next page you will have to enter "Filename", and the "Idera Server Backup Manager" (hostname or IP), as below, and the correct Protocol. Many times this will be HTTPS (however if you use HTTPS, you will require the exact hostname). Once this is done. Click Ok

The Chosen Server Backup Manager should now be able to access your server.

If you're still having issues, please try allowing TCP Port 1167 through the firewall.

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