Viewing your Disk Space Usage


To view the disk space usage totals for your account's directories and databases:

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. In the Files section, click Disk Space Usage.

This page shows you how disk space usage is distributed within your account's home directory.

It can be useful when you need to know what is causing you to reach a disk space quota limit.

When you're within the section, it will give you a sample readout as below, which will show examples of where all data is in use, such as in the directory itself, or the mail, or other content.

Commonly, your email may take up alot of space, or you may find backups within your public_html, or temporary directories.

The top section may only show an overview of the public_html page, but the bottom section can give you the ability to dig deeper, by sorting directories by disk usage, and being able to look at usage within the subdirectories.

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