How Do I Backup/Restore/Move from One cPanel Host to Another?


Moving from one cPanel host to another can be done multiple ways. The easiest way is to simply create a backup and then to have us restore it on the cPanel host you have with us.


Creating a cPanel backup:

  1. Log into the cPanel  you wish to backup and select Backup Wizard


  1. Select Backup then Full Backup

For backup destination, you will have 3 options:

  • Home Directory
  • Remote FTP Server
  • Secure Copy (SCP)

If you know the FTP or SCP account details and address of your cPanel host, you can use those methods. Otherwise, the Home Directory is fine

NOTE: If you choose Home Directory, then make sure you have enough disk space available!!

  1. Select your method for the backup and click Generate Backup

You don’t need to enter an email address, but if you want a notification once the backup is completed, you can.

Once the backup is completed, you will see it available for download when you go into Backup Wizard -> Backup -> Full Backup again.

  1. You can either click on the backup there to download it via your browser, but the preferred way is to download it via FTP using the FTP credentials of the cPanel. If you need help using FTP, please refer to our FTP guide.
  1. Once downloaded to your computer, you will need to upload the backup to the cPanel host. You will need to enter the FTP details of your cPanel host. Once connected, upload the file to the “/” (home) directory of the cPanel.
  1. Email: so we can restore the backup for. You can use this format to help us find your backup.


Hi Servers Australia Tech Support

I have a backup file that I would like to restore on my cPanel host.

Host/IP/Domain: Enter your website, host IP address or hostname of server
Name of backup file: Name of the backup file you put in the home directory

Please inform me if there are any problems


Please remember to email from the authorised email your account was setup from, otherwise we will not restore the file without authorisation by some other means.

  1. That’s it, you’re done! We will reply back to your email from the Servers Australia ticketing system to keep you updated on the restore.


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