What is a favicon and how do I set one up


The favicon is the logo / icon used by both the browser tab or address bar and bookmarks stored on your computer. For example, the Servers Australia favicon appears to the left in the image below.


To create your own favicon

Creating a favicon is a great idea for adding a professional looking finishing touch to your website. There are a variety of ways you can go about creating a favicon however, in this tutorial we will focus more on what to do to upload your favicon rather than the creation itself. For more information relating to creating favicon, do a quick search using your favourite search engine. There are many stock libraries, generators with a preexisting royality free image for you to use. If you do want to create your own favicon, simply create a 16 x 16 image using your favourite image editing application and save the file as favicon.ico.


To upload your own favicon

Simply upload the favicon.ico file to your public_html root folder using either cPanels inbuilt file manager or your favourite FTP client. For more information relating to the use of cPanels inbuilt file manager please see this link.


Please note, for some CMS systems such as Joomla and Wordpress you may need to refer to their documentation if your favicon does not appear.

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