What are the Extra Options in cPanel Webmail


Log into cPanel



Change Password

Will enable you to update your current email password.

Forwarding Options

Will enable you to forward copies of all incoming email to another email address.

Auto Responder's

Will enable you to create an automatic reply to any incoming email. 

Configure Mail Client

Will enable you to view the typical settings that should be used when configuring a mail client.


Will enable you to activate BoxTrapper which will require all incoming email to verify it was sent by a real person, and not a robot. It does this by auto-replying with a verification task. If they complete the task, then that sender's email address is allowed to send you emails without interference. Otherwise, the emails are saved in BoxTrapper and never delivered to your inbox until manually verified and delivered by yourself.

Email Delivery Route

Will enable you to see how the server will deliver an email to an address. ( Local or Remote Delivery )

Email Filtering

Will enable you to create email filters. The filters can detect important emails based on the sender's email address, subject of the email or content of the email. The filters can then mark the email or deliver it to a defined folder.

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