How to Upload a File using File Manager in cPanel


How to Upload a File using the File Manager

Uploading files has never been easier utilising File Manager in cPanel. File Manager is a web facing interface that allows you to manage all your files from within cPanel.

This following video will demonstrate how to use file Manager for all your common tasks like renaming, uploading and deleting files.

Take Note: File manager does have a file size limit of 500MB. If you need to upload a larger file then this please use an FTP Client.
cPanel's File Manager will change from theme or version upgrades but the usage will generally remain the same as versions get released.

How to Upload a File Using File Manager

These are the steps required to upload your files via File Manager in cPanel:

Login to cPanel using your credentials
Underthe 'Files" section please click File Manager.
Select Web Root and Show Hidden Files (to show all files no matter what permissions they have) then click Go.
Click the relevant folder to where you'd like to upload your files to.
Click Upload from the top bar.
Click Browse (certain web browsers will have Choose File instead).
Select the file from the device that contains the file you wish to upload.
Once selected the files will automatically upload. You may select additional files while uploads are in progress.

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