How Do I Create and Remove an Addon Domain?


How Do I Create and Remove an Addon Domain?

Addon Domains are essentially a second domain being hosted on a cPanel account. Addon domains usually are uniquely designed websites.

Note: You may not be able to create Addon Domains if your DNS (Nameservers) have not propagated, or if you do not have the domain registered.

Resellers Take Note: Yo need to ensure your packages allows more then 0 (zero) otherwise you will not be able to create an Addon Domain in your cPanel account. Your subdomains must also be set to a number equal to or greater then the number of Addon Domains you plan to allow on your cPanel account.

How to Create an Addon Domain

The advantages of Addon domains is under the one Cpanel Account you cam utilise the same disk space and bandwidth. This will allow you to host multiple different domains with different websites!

Note: Your control panel may look slightly different depending on the current theme you are running, generally most x3 themes will have the same steps.

Now to create a second domain name (website) with its own content, please follow these steps below:

Login to cPanel and scroll to the domain section which will have an icon "Addon Domains". Once you click this three fields will appear when creating an Addon Domain.

New Domain Name: Enter the new add doamin here ( ) ensure you do not put http or www in the name.
Username/directory/subdomain Name: This will be the folder cPanel creates in your public_html folder. You don't have to worry here as cPanel will automatically suggest the name and we recommend you stick with the suggestion.
Password: Please use a secure password with at least 8 characters with both uppercase and lowercase alphanumeric characters.

All you have to do now is click "Add Domain" Your new domain will be added and you should see a successfully added message. You can now upload the website content (files) to the specific addon folder which was created in the public_html folder.

Remember your new Addon Domain will not display your site until you point your nameservers to the new server. This is usually done with the company where you registered your domain name, once you log into the account management you should be able to change the name servers there. If you host your DNS away from the server you will have to update your A record to point to the new cPanel server IP.


How to Remove an Addon Domain

If you have an Addon Domain set up and would like to remover all traces of it do the following steps:

Login to your cPanel and scroll down to the Domains section and click on the icon labeled "Addon Domains"
At the bottom where the Add Domains are listed, under Actions, click Remove.

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