How to Find the URL of a File in cPanel


If you want to share a file with friends or the public, you will need to know the path to the file.

To discover the URL for files hosted on your domain:

Log into your cPanel and go to File Manager. Note the parent folder where your file is stored.

Double-click the appropriate folder icons to navigate inside public_html and it's folders.

Once you locate your file, the path to that file should be displayed in the path field on the left (a list of the folders you must go inside, respectively, to find that file).

Now, add the file name to the end of the path.

Note: File names are case-sensitive, use the exact capitalization and spelling.

For example:
If you had a document you wanted to share called "poems.doc", you would look through the file manager. Once found, the path might look something like:

Now add the filename to the end:

Because public_html is assumed when loading a website, the final URL for the file ends up being:

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