I’ve Lost my cPanel/Plesk Password / Requesting a New cPanel/Plesk Password


If you lose or forget your password, you can recover by either:

Checking your welcome email.

When the account was first created, you would have received a welcome email that includes all the information about the service you signed up for. This includes the host address, username and password. The email would have been sent to the same email address that you receive invoices

Logging into the customer access portal – mysau.com.au

The customer access portal is where you can view and update all aspects of your account and services with servers Australia. You can view your password for services inside.


To retrieve your password through mysau.com.au, follow these steps:

  1. Go to mysau.com.au and log in. Your login user name should be the email address you have on file with us.

If you don’t remember this password, you can reset the password by clicking on Forgot Password and following the prompts.


  1. Once in the portal, click on products & services on the left-hand column and then select the service for which you want the password to. In the case of cPanel or Plesk hosting, click on hosting.
  1. Choose the hosting account you wish to retrieve the password for in the drop down box. When the page reloads with the chosen hosting account, click on Retrieve & Update Passwords. You can also re-send your welcome email by clicking Resend Welcome Email.



  1. After clicking to retrieve the password, a screen will pop up. Before you can retrieve your user credentials, a verification code needs to be entered. To receive the verification code, you can either click on the SMS icon or the Email icon. This will send the verification code to the mobile phone you have on file, or the email address, respectively.
  1. After entering the verification code you were send into the decryption PIN field and clicking go you will receive your username and password for that particular account.


With these details, you can now log in.


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