Common locations for Configuration Files


The paths below are relative to the root of the website, not the account or the domain. For example, if it is a Joomla website under /home/domain/www/ the configuration file would be the root of the www directory. Ie: /home/domain/www/configuration.php

Please note that the locations shown below are all default installations. If you have installed your CMS package outside of the web root. You will need to use the information below as a rough guide only.


Cube Cart /includes/
Drupal /sites/default/settings.php
Joomla /configuration.php
Magento /app/etc/local.xml
Mambo /configuration.php
Moodle /config.php
MyBB /inc/config.php
osCommerce /includes/configure.php
PHP-Nuke /config.php
phpBB /config.php
phpWebSite /conf/config.php
PhpWiki /admin.php
Post-Nuke /config.php
Soholaunch /sohoadmin/config/isp.conf.php
vBulletin /includes/config.php
WHMCS /configuration.php
WordPress /wp-config.php
Zen Cart /includes/configure.php
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