How do I create and delete a Cron Job


Cron jobs run scheduled commands at specific times from your server or control panel. The Cron Jobs tool in cPanel is helpful for setting up automated maintenance and other unmanned server duties to run at specific times.

You need to have a good knowledge of Linux commands before you can use cron jobs. Check your script with your hosting administrator before adding a cron job as you could cause your server or script to not run and or crash.

For those that wish to setup a cron you can view a video tutorial here:

To create a cron job:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the Advanced section, click Cron Jobs.
  3. Under Cron Email, make sure the current email address is valid. If not, enter a new, valid email and click Update Email. You will receive an email after the cron job has finished.
  4. Under Add New Cron Job, use the Common Settings drop-down menu to choose from a list of regularly used intervals; or set the frequency of your cron job by using the drop-down box next to each time unit. Common settings range from every minute to once a year.
  5. In the Command field, enter the desired command.
  6. Click Add New Cron Job.

Your cron job will then be execute a file at a certain time, date and repetition, according to the settings you selected.

Remove or Edit a Cron Job

To remove or edit a cron job:

  1. In the Advanced section of cPanel, click the Cron Jobs icon.
  2. Scroll down to the last section called Current Cron Jobs.
  3. Find the cron job you wish to edit or delete.
  4. Under Actions, for the appropriate cron job, click either Edit or Delete.


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