How can I transfer my domain name?


If you wish to transfer your domain name to Servers Australia, this can be done. All we need to know is the EPP code or domain password.

When you signed up with the original domain provider you would have been provided with a domain name code or an EPP code. If you have a .com, .net or any other TLD ( then you will need to pay for 1 more year of renewal, but this adds onto your existing registration time, so if you have a domain name that has already been registered for 5 years and it's a TLD, then you will need to pay for one more year to move it, and this will increase the registration time by one year.

If you have a, or any other .au domain name, then there is no fee to transfer the domain name to us if you still have 90 days left in the registration, if you have less 90 days on the domain name then you will need to transfer it along with a renewal for 2 years.

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