Porting FAQ



50% of ports fail due to careless mistakes.
Please double check everything.

Avoid penalties per port rejection.

1. Read the Porting Fact Sheet.
2. Get the porting category correct the first time.
In most cases CAT A (standard analogue line). If you have ISDN or digital service,
3. Get the account number correct the first time.
Call your carrier to check your account number. If your carrier is not Telstra or Optus,
then you must ask for your carriers Wholesale Telstra or Optus account number.
4. You must enter the address where the service is located.

CAT A (Analogue/Simple Port)
Ask your carrier to remove all complex services that would prohibit porting

Line hunt
Fax/Phone Duet
Multiple numbers on a single line

CAT C (Number Range/ISDN/Complex Port)

If you are not porting ALL of your services in one go, you must call your carrier
and have them dissociate the numbers you want to port. (Separate them from
the others)

Porting FAQ;

Q. What costs are involved in number porting?
A once off charge of $66 per number will apply for a successful Cat A
port. Additionally a monthly charge of $4 will apply for all ported
DID’s. Cat C port are charged at a higher rate due to the complex
services (Please consult with our sales department for CAT C pricing).

Q. Which providers can you port numbers from?
Servers Australia is able to port phone numbers from both Telstra and
Optus, or any Telstra reseller. We can also port from other VoIP carriers,
just ask and we can tell you if it will be possible.

Q. How long does the process take?
The time it takes to port a number varies, but the typical port time is 4-6
weeks. Once the port has been approved a cutover date and time will be
allocated and Servers Australia will advise you of this. You may elect to
specify a date for the port to take place that is at most 30 days from the
date of submission, however this date is considered best effort only and
Servers Australia are unable to guarantee the port will be completed on
this date. 

Q. Where do I find my Account Number as requested on the Port
Authority form?
If you are a direct customer of Telstra or Optus, you will find your account
number located on an account invoice. If you are a customer of another carrier, this should be located in your Invoice or you may need to contact your provider.

Q. What will happen to the line my number is associated with?
Once the port in has been completed, the existing telephone service will
cease to function. This will also mean that any services connected to the
line such as Broadband Internet or monitored security systems will be
disconnected. You should check with your service provider to ensure you
will not incur early disconnection fees as a result. At this point in time
unfortunately there is no process to port in phone numbers for customers
who are migrating to ADSL2 Naked or ULLNAKED services. (You will need
to arrange this separately)

Q. If the port is rejected, am I still charged?
If your port is unsuccessful, it means that the details you have provided
do not match the losing carrier's records. The below fee’s will be applied
per rejection.

CAT A - Per Number $47.00
CAT C - 1-5 numbers $76.00
CAT C - 6-20 Numbers $105.00
CAT C - 21-100 Numbers $119.00
CAT C - 101-200 Numbers $189.00
CAT C - 201+ Numbers $390.00

Please make sure your details are 100% correct before submitting the
port. Rejections start the process from the beginning, resulting in a waste
of time if care is not taken to begin with.

Q. Once my number is ported, what happens?
The number will be listed within the Active Porting page of your Servers
Australia portal. This number will function like any Servers Australia
allocated number, and can be used in conjunction with any Servers
Australia extension or Hosted PBX service. Just log into the mysau.com.au
portal in the Voice services section under the Product’s & Services tab to
get started.

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